My Life

I am 58-year old construction worker that is lucky to be alive. If my boots could talk, they would scream for help. I love, work, live, and play hard. My goal, to have a positive affect upon society, my wife, and my beloved son.

I am a passionate hard working human that cares about you, the listener.

As a child, I was bewildered by dad stacking Siberian elm tree branches higher than my head in the backyard of my house. My sister and I tasked with cutting and bundling branches for the garbage man to take. I was six. Endlessly working to clear the the brush and please my father was my seemingly endless childhood task. This developed resolve, strength, and need to problem solve. When dad finally cut the giant elm tree down, the clean up took more than a minute. Was it finally over, no! Now dig the stump out was the order. Mom prohibited all gas powered equipment. That left me with shovel, flat pick, double bitted axe, and elbow grease. Imagine my glee and sheer joy as an 11-year old boy whose plan to get a collapsible car jack under the stump actually worked; With a loud CRACK, the stump finally gave up but I did not.

I have been in the dirt and trees all my life. Never surrendering to failure. I lived the adapt, improvise, and overcome mantra my whole life. If my life’s story can be thought of as an iceberg, this short recollection of my battle with this tree is a mere ice-cube on the tip.

Dad & I

Some of What I Do





Past Experiences

Construction Safety Specialist
(2021 – Present)
Safety consulting for Federal, municipal, engineering, and general contractor clients.

Construction Safety Manager
(2017 – 2021)
Project safety management and oversite of contractors safety programs and evaluation of the effectiveness.

Owner / Operator / Sole Proprietor
(1994 – 2007)
Concrete cutting, core drilling, wall sawing, demolition, excavation, historical building restoration, road work, bridge work, and lock and dam restoration projects for multiple municipal, corporate, and private entities.